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          First, jobs
          Development Manager (salary: 3500-5000 Yuan/month)
          ? Bachelor, pharmacy, Pharmacology and other related professionals, familiar with the high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, UV spectrophotometer used, and will resolve some common problems in the operation; familiarity with new drug application procedure and regulations; pharmaceutical solid dosage forms and are familiar with Chinese medicine preparation process; relevant work experience is preferred
          Field quality control QA (salary: 3000-4500 Yuan/month)
          ? Bachelor in pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering major, good written communication skills in English, relevant work experience is preferred.
          Dispatcher (pay 2800-3500 Yuan/month)
          ? College degree or above, major in related field such as biotechnology, fermentation, industrial engineering; 1 year work experience is preferred.
          Warehouse keeper (pay 2500-3200 Yuan/month)
          ? Technical secondary school or above, majored in logistics, accounting or related discipline; at least one year relevant working experience is preferred;
          Weighman (pay 2500-3200 Yuan/month)
          ? secondary and higher education, professional open; at least one year relevant working experience is preferred;

          Laboratory technician (salary: 2700-4000 Yuan/month)
          ? College degree or above, major in pharmaceutical engineering, analytical chemistry, Pharmaceutics related fields; 1 year work experience is preferred.
          Moisture repair welders welder/mechanic/fuel maintenance (pay 3500-6000 Yuan/month)
          ? High pressure welder’s certificate or pressure vessel certificate, fitter, mechanical engineering work experience of 3 years or more.
          Steam/boiler machine driver 2 (pay 4000-7000 Yuan/month)
          ? College degree or above, majored in thermal energy and power engineering and power plant automation, work experience is preferred.
          Steam turbine under drivers/boiler donkeyman 2 (pay 3000-4500 Yuan/month)
          ? College degree or above, majored in thermal energy and power engineering and power plant automation, work experience is preferred.
          Electrical operation principal value 2 (pay 4000-7000 Yuan/month)
          ? College degree or above, major in electrical automation, Mechatronics-related professional, work experience is preferred.
          Electric running under value 2 (pay 3000-4500 Yuan/month)
          ? College degree or above, major in electrical automation, Mechatronics-related professional, work experience is preferred.

          Maintenance electrician (pay 3500-7000 Yuan/month)
          ? High school diploma, have an electrician’s license, 3 years experience in maintenance electrician, weak proficiency, and general mechanical repair
          Plumbing technology (pay 3000-5000 Yuan/month)
          ? secondary and higher education, engaged in the heating industry, has rich working experience, know laying heating pipeline network, increasing capacity, and acceptance.
          Fermentation post number (salary: 3000-4500 Yuan/month)
          ? Technical secondary school or above; bio-technology, bio-engineering and other related professionals; relevant work experience is preferred.
          Refine job number (salary: 3000-4500 Yuan/month)
          ? Technical secondary school or above, chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry and other related professionals; relevant work experience is preferred.
          Operator/Packer/wastewater (salary: 3000-4500 Yuan/month)
          ? high school or above; practical work, there is a strong sense of responsibility.
          Circulating water Watch (pay 3000-5000 Yuan/month)
          ? high school or above, chemical or pharmaceutical profession

          Security 2 (salary: 2500-3500 Yuan/month)
          ? male, practical work, there is a strong sense of responsibility; Veterans ‘ preference.
          Cook 1 (salary: 3000-4000 Yuan/month)
          ? specializes in staff meals, fried vegetables, good cooking skills, practical work, there is a strong sense of responsibility, can be hard.
          Cleaners/kitchen staff (salary: 1800-2500 Yuan/month)
          ? 50 years of age, practical work.
          Second, the pay and benefits system
          1, competitive salary package

          Company has the perfect remuneration system, to provide staff with competitive remuneration packages, challenging work, a broad platform for the development and promotion of space.
          To encourage employee costs, output, quality, outstanding contribution to safety, or outstanding performance in one area, the company set up the extra money and rewarded in a timely manner.
          Through the performance appraisal system, aligning employee performance with rewards from close contact to ensure that excellent employees receive more recognition and incentive.
          2, perfect security system
          Companies in strict accordance with the legal provisions of the State, to provide staff with a sound social security system:
          Formal labor contracts with each employee;
          For each employee to payment of old-age insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance;
          Pay Housing Fund for each employee.

          3, excellent employee benefits
          To enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, the company has built a staff House, equipped with badminton courts, tennis courts, library, and other electronic reading room facility;
          Each employee of the company can enjoy the holidays provided for in national laws and regulations;
          Companies organize a full free physical examination every year, so you know all about her body;
          Company will provide free dormitories and a large Muslim restaurant offers quality food at low prices;
          Company unions often organize employee held Arts Festival, cultural activities, sports competitions and other collective, and actively carry out difficult employee assistance;
          Company for each employee to pay holiday benefits, such as welfare, the Mid-Autumn Festival benefits, 38, new year’s day and welfare benefits.

          4, humanized individual vacation
          Employee Si Ling for a year or more in a row you can enjoy 5-10 days of paid annual leave; in addition employees can also enjoy marriage, maternity and nursing leave, carers leave, family leave and other holidays.
          Third, the registration

          1, registration notice: registration, please bring one-inch color mianguanzhao 1, ID cards, student cards, certificates, award-winning original and 1 photocopy of the certificate.
          2, network delivery: Please send detailed resume and relevant information to rec.HR@tairuiworld.com message header specify: expected post – name.
          3, contact: 0951-6149349 Yang (13629594063), Ms white (14709583565)
          4, email: rec.HR@tairuiworld.com
          5, the corporate website: www.soingo.com
          6, address: wangyuan development zone in yinchuan (yinchuan high-speed Beltway south entrance)
          7, bus route: yinchuan new South Gate take bus 302, get off at the bus station, take bus 312 to Orchid flowers hotel site, or take bus 316 to Shuangqing Road site.

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