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                    Campus recruitment

                    Campus Recruitment

                    Campus recruitment

                    First, the job recruitment needs
                    Second, the Qualifications
                    1, when graduating students successfully get graduation diploma and degree certificates, and by four English, two computer grade examination.
                    2, during the school without any adverse record results qualified, strong organizational skills, communication skills and team spirit.
                    3, recognizing the company’s corporate culture and management philosophy, strong sense of obedience, full of sense of responsibility, a strong sense of innovation.
                    4, outstanding student leaders, members, social practice experience and award-winning student priority.
                    5, Ningxia local students priority.
                    6, healthy, hard-working, no past medical history, can adapt to the factory working environment and working time requirements.
                    Third, the pay and benefits system
                    A competitive remuneration package
                    The company has a sound system of remuneration system, to provide employees with competitive pay and benefits, challenging work, a broad platform for the development and promotion of space.
                    To encourage employees to outstanding contributions in terms of cost, yield, quality, safety and other aspects or outstanding performance in one area, the company set up in time to give extra bonus rewards.
                    Internal performance appraisal system, so closely linked with the performance of employee performance rewards, ensuring excellent staff to get more recognition and incentives.
                    2, perfect security system
                    Companies in strict accordance with national law, to provide staff with a sound social security system:
                    Signed a formal labor contract with each employee;
                    Pay pension insurance, work injury insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance for each employee;
                    Housing fund to pay for each employee.
                    3, excellent employee benefits
                    In order to enrich the cultural life of amateur staff, the company has a staff house, equipped with badminton courts, table tennis, library, electronic reading room and other venues;
                    Each employee can enjoy all kinds of holiday national laws and regulations;
                    The company organized a free medical examination once a year full make your own body well known;
                    The company will provide free dormitory, and has a large Muslim restaurant, offers low-cost high-quality food;
                    The trade union organization staff often hold art show, sports competitions and other cultural activities group, active in helping poor employees;
                    The company paid holiday for each employee benefits, such as the Mid-Autumn welfare, welfare Spring Festival, New Year’s welfare, 38 welfare.
                    4, humane individual holidays
                    Division staff successive one year of age and older can enjoy 5-10 days of paid annual leave; in addition to employees can also enjoy marriage, maternity, nursing leave, care leave, family leave and other holidays. Fourth, Registration
                    1. Registration Information: Registration, please bring 1 inch hat color photo ID card, student card, Certificate, award certificates of original and one copy.
                    2, Network Delivery: Please send your detailed resume and related information is sent to rec.hr@tairuiworld.com, e-mail with the subject: Campus Recruitment: expect job categories – School – Professional – name.
                    3. Contact: 0951-6149349 Yang (13629594063) Miss Bai (14709583565)
                    4, E-mail: rec.hr@tairuiworld.com
                    5, the corporate website: www.soingo.com
                    6. Address: Yinchuan Yongning County telephoto Zone (Yinchuan beltway south entrance)
                    7. Getting There: Take bus 302 Yinchuan South Gate, the new bus station take bus 312 to the orchid